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For Facilitators and/or Organizers

These are resources I have personally used and found very useful. More to be added soon.

Creative Interventions Toolkit

The Creative Interventions Toolkit is one of the first and most comprehensive learning tools for practicing Transformative Justice and Community Accountability to take anti-oppressive steps to stop violence. The founder, Mimi Kim, Generation Five, and organizers across the globe developed this toolkit for years. It is available to download as a PDF for free! Soon, a print version and workbook will also be available.

Tools for Addressing Chapter Conflict by Prentis Hill

Tools for Addressing Chapter Conflict is a workbook/guidebook compiled by Prentis Hill and the BLM Healing Justice Working Group. The guidebook offers some practical steps to start thinking about conflict happening within an organization--where did it come from, what are the causes--and considerations for planning a process. Very helpful!

Fumbling Towards Repair by Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan

Fumbling Towards Repair is a workbook for facilitators of community accountability processes. It is not intended to be used by first-time facilitators to learn how to do Community Accountability.

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