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Resource Creation Portfolio (example designs)

A Call to Funders: Tactics in Law, Policy and Advocacy for Reproductive and Birth Justice is a summary report of specific strategies and invitations to action and highlights examples of inspiring grassroots efforts taking place across the country that invites funders to be part of supporting the kind of transformative work that will bring us closer to achieving reproductive and birth justice.

I was hired to create the report in Winter 2023. I was provided text, collaborated with Elephant Circle on color and design, and submitted a 51 page report, available here.

Interrupting Criminalization's Beyond Do No Harm team hired me to design graphics for their resources, website, and social media. Beyond Do No Harm provided text and collaborated in choosing colors and styles. I hand painted the graphics in Photoshop and designed PDFs using InDesign.

Principles Guide (Here)

Discussion Guide (Here)

Graphics for Social Media (Here)

Interrupting Criminalization's #CopsOutofCare working group hired me to create a series of resources that could be printed and provided to healthcare providers within hospital systems. I designed 3 separate flyers using a combination of Canva, Photoshop, and InDesign.

All three resources can be found at

As Project Coordinator at the Community Health Access Initiative, I co-designed a resource on anti-Black health inequities with our team of six youth leaders. The youth leaders provided all text and feedback on the design.

The final resource can be downloaded at the link (left).

Combating Anti-Blackness in Medicine
Download PDF • 1.99MB

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