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Imagine Public Safety

5-or-so years ago I created a set of posters that started with a simple concept: Imagining ways the world could be in response to difference, in response to basic human needs, in response to violence (see posters below). Those posters have been circulating the internet for all these years and have inspired many other creative projects and ideas. See my thoughts on the viral sharing of these posters at But Actually Imagine Transformative Alternatives to Policing. *

These posters are available for free in this folder. Folks have used these posters in radical ways--in interactive workshops, for wheat pasting, to inspire folks to create their own. I encourage you to do the same--be creative, be imaginative, and don't stick to any script.

  • See the Original Posters in that folder, along with an Explainer about credit and history.

  • Social Media versions of the posters are now in the main folder, given that this is the venue through which they are predominantly being shared today.

  • Spanish images were created by Olivia @prisma.liv (instagram) and posted to @blmespanol (Instagram)--please credit them if you download!

  • Deutsch/German images are available and no specific credit is needed.

  • Chinese both simplified and traditional are available and no specific credit is needed.

  • Full text for captions are in each folder, please use captions and alt-text when possible for accessibility.

*These new versions are credited on the slide due to the harassment that sometimes comes with posting these images, which can be directed at my instagram account to buffer some harmful impacts to orgs and individuals who wish to share.

Rad organizations doing rad work related to imagining different worlds where people are created with dignity and care automatically:

*The world has really changed since 2018, in large part due to the uprisings following the murder of George Floyd, as well as the elevation of the works of Mariama Kaba, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, and Andrea Ritchie and so many others who have been organizing for abolition for decades. Abolition has become much better known and we're no longer focusing on "alternatives to policing" language in the work of envisioning decriminalized response systems--that was the language of the time. Thank goodness for change.

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