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Creating Conflict Infrastructure: a group workbook

Creating Conflict Infrastructure is a 90-page workbook for organizations who are considering implementing conflict infrastructure (policies, practices, resources to address conflicts). Much of the content is also available in the Conflict Transformation Newsletter.

The workbook takes readers through a process of setting goals and values, brainstorming, and making decisions about various aspects of conflict infrastructure.

The workbook contains prompts for discussion, activities, and worksheets for making collective decisions about the best conflict infrastructure for your organization's goals and mission.

Conflict Infrastructure Workbook
Download PDF • 4.53MB

Credit & Payment

While this workbook is free to access, well funded organizations who wish to use this book across their org may pay a small donation (suggested $1/user) via cash app or venmo to $LunaNicoleH.

Feel free to download, print, and distribute this workbook within and across communities. If you want to use this workbook in workshops, reading groups, and other programming feel free to do so. If you are planning to distribute this workbook widely, please make sure to include the credits page in the copy and make a donation.

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1 Comment

This is incredible. You are brilliance, luna! Thank you for translating these concepts and offering them to us!

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