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To develop a deeper understanding of the conflicts in your life and build practices to facilitate change.
For two or more people to develop a mutually beneficial approach to a specific conflict.
For five or more people to reach understanding, healing, agreement, repair, or transformation of a conflict within or across groups.

conflict facilitation

conflict learning

"This course was one of the most practical, well-structured and useful learnings I've done on conflict skills... I'm so happy I did this - I also feel like I found a mini community of beautiful like-minded people to keep learning with."
Nishma Jethwa, November 2021 Conflict Skills cohort
virtual learning to gain understandings of conflict, conflict dynamics, and practical approaches for transformation.
for individuals and groups to apply conflict practices to gain self-and communal awareness and skill
a semi-weekly newsletter containing practical tools and perspectives for everyday conflict transformation. subscribers are invited to events and opportunities for building community related to conflict.
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